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About us
We have been specializing in horn wares for many years, so we know how to take advantage of traditional making process and new technologies and modern management to achieve the highest productivity but still ensure the natural beauty of materials is maintained in products. Strict quality control process ensures that both general and individual quality standards are met. Packaging is done carefully to ensure easy and safe transportation to the destination. We also have a reliable and well-coordinated transportation network that facilitates the delivery of products in the specified period.  
Although each item is individual piece by itself in terms of craftsmanship, design and color, we can customize manufacture of the products to meet the specifications and requirements of individual customers.
Good products mostly depend on craftsmanship, material processing and design, so we always care about our human resource. We implement training programs and fair wage scheme to have and keep skilled labours, good designers. We provide a dynamic and exciting environment to encourage our labours to display abilities at the best. The efficient performances are highly motivated by adequate rewards.
Our accomplishment is the increasing satisfaction of all people involved in our horn items production and consumption. So, our company is always committed to:
·     Assuring good and stable quality products
·     Offering competitive prices 
·     Providing professional sales services (intime delivery, payment, shipping and logistics…)
·     Building up long-term and mutually beneficial business relationships with partners.
·     Practicing fair trade, ensuring that the managers, staffs, workers, artisans earn fair wages.
We are all set to create a niche for ourselves in the world market through the increasing satisfaction of all partners.
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